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My Secret “DIY” Trick For Professional Grade Landscape Lighting In 20 Minutes Or Less

Professional Lighting Designer Shares Inside Tip For Getting Custom Outdoor Lighting Without Spending A Fortune. Read Her Story Below.

By Shannon G.
Outdoor Lighting Insider Contributor
Key points
  • Random discovery led to thousands of dollars saved

  • 7 unique hues and 2 color-changing rainbow modes

  • Huge savings at the end for a limited time only offer

I’ll never forget the 3 words that saved me huge amounts of time & money on outdoor lighting

I was on my evening walk the other night, taking in the sunset and fresh air.

As a landscape designer, I’m always looking for inspiration — so I never miss an opportunity to check out my neighbor’s yards.

Now, the vast majority of houses on my block have their yards lit-up with landscape lighting…


Because everyone wants to impress their neighbors.

And since I specialize in outdoor lighting for a living, I take great pride in my front yard.

So, I know a thing or two about transforming landscapes with light...

At Least I Thought I Did.

As I walked down the block, one neighbor’s yard made my jaw drop as soon as I saw it…

Because it had literally been transformed overnight.

Every inch of the yard was exploding with vibrant, bright colors…

As I looked closer, I realized they weren’t using anything like the professional-grade, wired lighting I typically use in my custom landscape jobs...

They were using solar-powered lights — which, in my experience, usually aren’t capable of creating that bold type of look.

Partly because they’re just not bright enough…

But mostly because of their famously cheap housing.

I had always thought of outdoor solar lights as a wonderful idea in theory, but I’d never been impressed with their effect or the quality of their materials.

Except these were different. Breathtaking with a capital B.

I was shocked…

I walked back home feeling completely defeated...

20 years in the business and my inexperienced neighbors had “one-upped” me overnight.

It sounds crazy, but I honestly couldn’t sleep that night.

I felt like I didn’t even know my own business — how could I be so out of touch?

I decided to go back the next night and make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

“So What’s The Secret — How In The World Did You Create Such Breathtaking Lighting?”

Sure enough, my neighbor’s yard – lit-up with colorful solar lights – was just as impressive as it had been the previous night.

I impulsively knocked on the door...

“Sorry to bother you so late,” I stammered. “I live down the street and I just HAVE to ask where you got these yard lights.”

I couldn’t believe what they told me…

See, about 5 or 6 years ago I tried using solar lighting for my clients.

In those days, I loved the idea but the technology just wasn’t up to speed.

Factories in China were pumping out cheaply-made units that broke or burned-out within a month or two.

That's why I’d sworn-off using solar until the industry changed...

Well, apparently that time has come!

Because when I asked my neighbor what he was using, he uttered those three words…

“PROFESSIONAL-GRADE SOLAR… ultra-bright, multi-dimensional… I started out with just a few for my back fence, but I couldn’t believe my eyes. Super-quick installation and they shine like a beacon through thick fog. I ended-up doing the whole front yard with these — for 1/5th of the cost of a professional installation.”

I was in shock. I work in the industry and I’d never heard of the company before…

Let alone the idea of “professional-grade” solar lights!

I took another look at their front yard — it was stunning, no doubt. These were solar lights? I almost still couldn’t believe it.

I decided I needed to see it for myself… so, I took out my phone and ordered a set of 4 right there on the spot.

They arrived a few days later and I cleared my Sunday schedule to install them in my backyard.

But What Happened Next Left Me Completely Baffled.

Now, I’m not lazy by any means. But I’ve spent entire weekends installing a single custom-lighting job, so I’m always on the lookout for shortcuts.

I thought about all the hassle I’ve gone through dealing with regular electric lights…

Digging trenches to run wires & cables... replacing expensive bulbs and batteries... dealing with complicated timers and power boxes...

I thought about all the precious time I’ve wasted on traditional wired lights!

In some cases, I’d get a call from clients not even a year after the installation saying they’ve had some kind of weather damage and needed me to come out for maintenance or repair!

I Just Didn’t Think It Was Worth It Anymore.

I was annoyed thinking about all the time I could have spent vacationing with my husband… or going to the spa… or just hanging out with the kids — when instead I was dealing with installation and maintenance!

So, if you’re sick and tired of spending a fortune on time-consuming, complicated outdoor lighting...

Or, if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your yard with lights but you’ve been turned-off by the expense and upkeep involved with traditional lighting…

Then pay close attention to this next part

Because I’m going to reveal a secret shortcut to landscape lighting that’s not only helped me revamp my own yard and all my clients’ yards — but everyone else who’s tried it…

…and it actually installs in minutes, not hours or days. Trust me, I didn’t think it was possible either.

I’ve tried everything out there from

  • Spotlights (good for lighting trees and plants, that’s it)

  • String lights (all the bulbs burn out at once)

  • Cheesy wall-mounted lanterns

  • Cheaply-made solar lights that break easily and don’t last…

But nothing worked as well as what I now call the “miracle outdoor lighting solution”

These “Professional-Grade” Solar Lights Are The Outdoor Lighting Miracle You’ve Been Waiting For

Advanced Solar Technology
Dusk-to-Dawn Technology
IP44 Weather-Resistant
7 Colors + 2 Rainbow Modes
Long-Lasting Durability
Designed In The USA

I got my ColorGlow in a few days with free shipping. I ripped the package open and got to work.

As soon as I held one of the lights in my hand, I could feel the quality of the materials.

I was pretty impressed because even some of my hardwired lights didn’t feel as high-grade as these.

Wired lights drain energy and spike electric bills — ColorGlow harnesses energy from the sun all day and shines bright 8+ hours every night.

The installation was a breeze.

No digging, no wires, and all the hardware I needed was included in the box.

The whole setup took 20 minutes.

I made sure the panels were charging in the sun and I waited until dark.

Once dusk came around, I rushed outside to see the results...

And I was blown away. Vibrant, bright multicolored light splashed across my entire yard.

How were these little lights so transformative?

Suddenly, I noticed something...

Unlike most landscape lights, ColorGlow’s stream of light faced the ground.

Most lighting experts use a technique called “up-lighting” to create dimension…

It works, but “down-lighting” surprisingly creates an even more unique look.

The same look that stopped me dead in my tracks outside my neighbor’s home.

I couldn’t believe it.

With ColorGlow, I was able to create custom-grade, professional-quality landscape lighting in 20 minutes — for a fraction of the price of traditional set-ups.

What Makes ColorGlow Different? 

  • Each light has 5 wireless, solar-powered, ultra-bright LEDs.

  • They have 7 different colors and 2 color-changing “rainbow-glow” modes.

  • Made of advanced, long-lasting materials to withstand years of weather wear and tear. (IP-44 Weather-Resistant)

How Does It Compare?

Most outdoor lighting products use the same outdated fluorescent bulbs that were invented 40+ years ago. And most solar-powered lights are rushed to be made in overwhelmed Chinese factories. The result is dim, cheap lighting that lasts 6 months tops. Using these for outdoor lighting usually results in a dull, cheap-looking yard.

You want lighting that really adds dimension and catches the eye from yards away. Lighting that brings you compliments from neighbors, guests, or anyone who stops by. These kinds of lights are designed in the USA with ultra-bright LEDs, and built for lasting durability through years of weather.

Installs in minutes
6 beautiful color modes
Grand lightning Effect
Powered by the sun
Saves money
Weather resistant
Expensive Installation Fees
One boring color
Looks boring
Hikes up your power bill
Not Weather resistant
Expensive Installation and maintenace fees

People Are Loving It!

Sandy Q I love the look of my yard now! ColorGlow lights on my fence has really made the landscaping in my yard pop! 💕

Like · Reply · 8h

Olga H. These solar lights have added such great ambiance to the backyard. Love the mood lighting they create! 

Like · Reply · 12h

Donnie S. These lights are great!! The customer service was above and beyond outstanding!!

Like · Reply · 1d

Luanne H. ColorGlow is incredible. Best investment ever! So pleased.  

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Where Can I Buy ColorGlow Lights?

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